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How Can Fat Matt Help You?

Fat Matt Roofing was founded following the hailstorm of June 2014 when Matt Smith became discouraged with the process of getting his roof repaired. After opening his business, completing his own roof, and repairing roofs for several of his friends and family, Matt found that a lot of other people also desired an easier way to get their home repaired after a strong West Texas storm. And so, Fat Matt Roofing was born.  

Matt Smith’s experience makes his roofing company in Abilene, TX your go-to team. Fat Matt has been in your shoes, and it’s why he started his company in the first place! Fat Matt’s personal mission is to see the commercial and residential roofing industry change and to make the whole experience pain-free for his customers. For example, Fat Matt’s hope is to make the communication process between the customer and the insurance company painless so that his talented team can get to work as soon as possible on repairing leaking roofs and more. If you're wondering, "Who can fix my roof?", then turn to Fat Matt Roofing!

What do you need done? FAT MATT DOES THAT! 

Offering Excellence & Professionalism
as a Commercial & Residential Roofer

Why Hire Fat Matt?

Fat Matt is different from any other commercial roofing and construction contractor you will see, and see him you will! He just might show up at your home or business to check the quality of work being done, and to make sure you are being taken care of. Fat Matt wants every customer to know that he takes a personal interest in their home or business. This is accomplished by providing the best workmanship and service in the industry. For a top-quality roofing job in the Abilene, TX area, handled with excellence, class and professionalism, remember: Fat Matt Does That!

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